Barbie doll nose, also known as Disney Princess Nose, got this name because it looks like the nose structure of princess characters in Disney cartoons. A curved and thin nose, a small and rotated (upturned) nose tip, that is, a cute and very feminine nose structure are characteristic of the barbie doll nose. The biggest difference from natural noses is that the ridge of the nose is thin and clearly curved.

Like other nose aesthetics, Barbie doll nose rhinoplasty is performed with the open Piezo technique. Considering the features mentioned above, the operation is performed by experienced surgeons who have mastered this nose style. The men’s version of this type of nose is called Ken Doll Nose.

This surgery can be performed to many nose types regardless of age and ethnicity. However, the result may not always be obtained at the desired level, especially in patients with low nasal ridges and in patients with very thick skin.

The breathing problem is not related to the size of the nose, but to its internal dynamics. Barbie doll nose rhinoplasty does not cause any breathing problems. This type of nose may not be suitable for every face shape. The patient and surgeon should evaluate the face as a whole and decide on the most suitable nose structure together.

The healing process of Barbie doll nose rhinoplasty is the same as other rhinoplasty surgeries. Patients can return to their country 1 week after the operation. As with every rhinoplasty, the regression of edema (swelling) and the full result are obtained in an average of 6-12 months. However, in surgeries performed with the Piezo technique, 80-90% of the healing is completed in an average of 2-4 months.

The reasons why such noses are popular in the Caucasian people are factors such as changing perceptions of beauty, popular culture, widespread use of social media filters, frequent photo taking with the front camera (the front camera makes the nose look thicker than it is ,due to the fisheye lens). Also, being compatible with the golden ratio, which is not recognized by the Fibonacci spiral, is one of the most important features of Barbie Doll Nose aesthetics.

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