Barbie Doll Nose Rhinoplasty

Op. Dr. Harun Acıpayam

Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery Specialist

Barbie doll nose, also known as Disney Princess Nose, got this name because it looks like the nose structure of princess characters in Disney cartoons. A curved and thin nose, a small and rotated (upturned) nose tip, that is, a cute and very feminine nose structure are characteristic of the barbie doll nose. The biggest difference from natural noses is that the ridge of the nose is thin and clearly curved.

Like other nose aesthetics, Barbie doll nose rhinoplasty is performed with the open Piezo technique. Considering the features mentioned above, the operation is performed by experienced surgeons who have mastered this nose style. The men’s version of this type of nose is called Ken Doll Nose.

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This surgery can be performed to many nose types regardless of age and ethnicity. However, the result may not always be obtained at the desired level, especially in patients with low nasal ridges and in patients with very thick skin.

Postoperative Process

Mild swelling and bruising are standard within the first 24 hours post-surgery. These symptoms will start to diminish over the subsequent days. Nasal packs are usually removed within a few days, while the external cast is taken off after about a week. Most patients can resume their daily routines within a week post-operation. However, full recovery and the revelation of the final outcome may take several months.

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Risks and Complications

Like all surgical interventions, rhinoplasty carries some risks. These include infection, bleeding, complications from anesthesia, bruising and swelling, breathing difficulties, undesired aesthetic outcomes, and the risk of keloid scarring. However, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, these risks are minimized. Dr. Harun Acıpayam, with years of expertise, ensures these risks are kept at bay, offering safe and successful results to his patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the rhinoplasty operation depends on the type of the patient’s nose, previous surgery histories, the experience of the surgeon and the hospital expenses in the city. The revision rhinoplasty prices are usually higher than the primary (first time) operations.

Yes, we offer operation, accommodation and airport transfer service for our international patients.

Yes, we perform both primary and revision rhinoplasty operations.

We perform our rhinoplasty operations in Turkey, Antalya city.

You should arrive at least 1 day before the surgery and stay 1 week after the surgery. In total 8 nights is usually enough for your control visit before you leave.

Your cast will be removed on 1st week, this will be your first encounter with new nose, but it will be pretty much swollen. Depending on the skin type, it can take 2-12 months, usually around 4 months to see your final result.

You will be able to meet your own needs after the operation. Turning back to normal active life usually helps for faster recovery and resolution of the swellings. You better not smoke and consume alcohol for at least 2 months for a better healing. Hard sports are forbidden for 6 months, swimming in sea/pool is forbidden for 2 months. You shouldn’t wear eyeglasses for 6 months. First week will be the most swollen and bruised period but after 2 weeks most of them will be gone.