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    Rhinoplasty Doctors in Turkey/Antalya

    Dr.Harun Acıpayam

    In addition to our nose being our breath and smell organs located in the middle of our face, being in harmony and proportion with our face is essential for facial beauty. Especially in Turkish and European societies, low-ended and arched nose structure is our genetic heritage.

    Many factors such as small and large traumas we have experienced since birth, our genetic structure, our rapid growth period in adolescence, our level of use of mimic muscles, our skin and cartilage structure, directly affect our nasal development and the final shape of our nose. We may need rhinoplasty surgery not only to look beautiful, but also to breathe healthily.

    Who Can Have Rhinoplasty?

    • Having self-confidence problems and feeling unhappy due to the shape of their nose,
    • Structural defect that affects the facial expression in the shape of the nose,
    • Having realistic expectations about the operation,
    • Having anatomical problems that prevent breathing in the nose,
    • Bone development is completed,
    • The general health condition is suitable for the operation,
    • Non-smoker or quitting smoking within the recommended time,
    • Feeling ready for the operation and fulfilling the requirements of the postoperative process
    • People who are aware of the need for rhinoplasty can be considered suitable candidates.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty Operation Process

    How much is a nose job in Turkey/Antalya?

    The price of the rhinoplasty operation depends on the type of the patient’s nose, previous surgery histories, the experience of the surgeon and the hospital expenses in the city. 

    The revision rhinoplasty prices are usually higher than the primary (first time) operations.

    Do you offer rhinoplasty package for international patients?

    Yes, we offer operation, accommodation and airport transfer service for our international patients. 

    Do you perform revision rhinoplasty operations?

    Yes, we perform both primary and revision rhinoplasty operations. 

    Where do you perform your rhinoplasty operations?

    We perform our rhinoplasty operations in Turkey, Antalya city.

    How many days should I stay before I fly back to my country?

    You should arrive at least 1 day before the surgery and stay 1 week after the surgery. In total 8 nights is usually enough for your control visit before you leave.

    When can I see my final result after the rhinoplasty operation?

    Your cast will be removed on 1st week, this will be your first encounter with new nose, but it will be pretty much swollen. Depending on the skin type, it can take 2-12 months, usually around 4 months to see your final result.

    When can I turn back to normal life after a nose job?

    You will be able to meet your own needs after the operation. Turning back to normal active life usually helps for faster recovery and resolution of the swellings. You better not smoke and consume alcohol for at least 2 months for a better healing. Hard sports are forbidden for 6 months, swimming in sea/pool is forbidden for 2 months. You shouldn’t wear eyeglasses for 6 months. First week will be the most swollen and bruised period but after 2 weeks most of them will be gone. 

    Hurry up! only limited slots left this month...