The cartilaginous structures that give the shape of the auricle may develop insufficiently and cause ears that look different from normal accordingly. Even if the auricle folds are well formed, if the angle between the ear and the scalp is excessive where the ear adheres to the head, the ears turn forward and look like a scoop at the opposite glance.

The angle made by the ear to the head may be wider than it should be. This shows the ear open to the outside. The folds that should have been in the upper half of the ear are not formed. Prominent ear is a problem seen in 3-5% of the normal population and people in the society can be ridiculed. Approach in prominent ear surgery operations; It is to ensure that the appropriate anatomical shape is caught. Although the problems are similar in each patient, the shape and degree of the problems differ. Therefore, each individual's ears should be evaluated and treatment should be planned in the light of this assessment. The surgery can be performed easily at the age of 6, just before our children start school.

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This is a relatively minor plastic surgery. Local or general anesthesia can be applied to the surgery. The main thing done in prominent ear surgery is to change the shape of the ear. In ears with an angle problem, stitches are placed where the ear meets the head to reduce the angle and this angle is narrowed. For the other problem, stitches are placed in the cartilage behind the ear and under the skin and a new shape is made. The aim is to obtain the natural curved appearance of the ear.

Things You Need To Pay Attention To After Prominent Ear Surgery

After the operation, the patient can go home. After the surgery, the pain is very mild and resolves with oral painkillers. There may be a slight bruise that lasts for a week. Swelling will decrease significantly in 1 week. The dressings are opened the next day and the headband is put on. You can take a bath on the second day. In order to protect the stitches that shape the folds from the inside in the early period, it is appropriate to wear the headband for 1 week day and night continuously, and then at night so that it does not curl while sleeping.

What Are The Risks Of Ear Aesthetics?

The risk of bleeding in every surgery may also be here. However, since there is no serious vein in the ear, this bleeding can be experienced as more blood accumulation. However, the probability is also very low. The complication we avoid after ear aesthetics is infection. Ear cartilage is hardly inflamed, but if there is some kind of inflammation, it progresses rapidly and creates a scar that can distort the shape of the ear.